Calcium and Magnesium Buffer

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Mineral-Calmag is an ultra-clean, pH stable, high-performance calcium/magnesium supplement for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Mineral-Calmag is compatible with all base nutrients and will last a minimum of 14 days in a nutrient tank or reservoir with no signs of degradation.  

Ultra clean pH stabilising mineral calmag

Application - Root drench

Available Sizes

    Feed Programs

      Feeding Type and Amount

      With a 2-part NPK
      0.4 ml per 1L 

      With BASE & municipal water
      0.6 ml per 1L

      With BASE and RO/Soft water             
      0.8 - 1 ml per 1L

      Shake well before use. If using FASiLITOR, ensure FASiLITOR is mixed first. Add MINERAL-CALMAG second, mix well, then add the remainder of your products.

      In soil: Use once a week.

      In coco/soil-less/hydro: Use in combination with BASE every watering. Do not use any additional non-APTUS sources of phosphorus

      MINERAL-CALMAG is a 100% water-soluble additive containing necessary plant-available forms of nitrogen (N), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg).

      This formulation has been designed to prevent common deficiencies while buffering your feed water when growing in soil-less mediums such as coco, perlite, rockwool, hydroton or recirculating systems and/or using filtered sources of water. MINERAL-CALMAG can be used throughout the entirety of the vegetative and flowering stages of growth.

      MINERAL-CALMAG has excellent pH stabilising capabilities and is the CALMAG of choice for commercial growers or any cultivator operating fertigation systems, recirculating systems or longer reservoirs.

      While MINERAL-CALMAG is 100% mineral, super clean and will never spoil, MASSBOOST contains beneficial L-Amino Acids and is the CALMAG of choice for growers mixing fresh feed daily. MASSBOOST can also be administered via foliar application.

      NOTE: MASSBOOST is an organo-mineral product which leads to organic biofilm build-up when kept in a nutrient reservoir for more than 2-3 days.

      BASE contains zero calcium and must be used in conjunction with either MASSBOOST OR MINERAL-CALMAG. Deciding which APTUS CALMAG to use (MASSBOOST or MINERAL-CALMAG) is largely dependent on your growing method.

      Through high-intensity irrigation methods often seen in modern indoor cultivation practices, coconut-fibre based planting mediums can become deficient of calcium (Ca) resulting in high levels of accumulated potassium
      (K) and sodium (Na). This excess of potassium (K) and sodium (Na) most often results in antagonism and lockout, leading to deficiencies within the plant.

      Due to the mixture of nutrients coming into the plant being fully optimised for healthy growth, allowances for varying excess of potassium (K) and sodium (Na) are not considered. Because of this, mineral antagonism occurs, preventing the uptake of magnesium (Mg), causing unhealthy growth and the appearance of deficiencies.
      MINERAL-CALMAG replaces the calcium (Ca) ions lost through constant irrigation, providing the buffering capabilities needed to prevent this antagonistic exchange.

      Concentrated and easy to use dilutions of just 0.4 ml – 1 ml per 1 litre.

      Utilises the highest grade raw minerals available providing the absolute cleanest possible calcium & magnesium additive for your cultivation system.

      Prevents coconut-fibre based planting mediums from becoming a source of nutritional imbalance, lending stability to your crops’ flowering stage of growth.

      Replaces the calcium (Ca) ions lost through constant irrigation that occurs during indoor cultivation practices.

      Supplements magnesium (Mg) that is pushed away when excess potassium is present from imbalance.

      Nitrogen Crucial element in chlorophyll, crucial component
      of plant amino acids.

      Calcium Integral structural element to plant cells.

      Magnesium Central element in the formation of chlorophyll, source of photosynthetic activity, enzymatic process activator.

      MINERAL-CALMAG is required when using BASE. If you use BASE, ensure you use MINERAL-CALMAG or MASSBOOST to avoid deficiencies. BASE contains zero calcium and must be used in conjunction with MINERAL-CALMAG or MASSBOOST.

      When mixing your nutrients, be careful to avoid adding phosphorus (P) supplements like PEAKBOOST directly onto MINERAL-CALMAG without mixing well. Always add and stir each product before adding the next to minimise local fallout which can decrease the quality of your nutrient mix.

      During weeks where a high number of products are used, your available amount of nitrogen (N) can get high. If you are not using BASE, and are using a 2- or 3-part base nutrient, you may want to consider decreasing the part containing nitrogen by 10 – 20%.


      You can, but it’s recommended to use Massboost for supplementation of calcium/magnesium through foliar spray application.

      The expiring date on all of our bottles are 3 years from the manufacture date, but MINERAL-CALMAG will last in excess of 5 years if stored properly.

      Yes, MINERAL-CALMAG is extremely versatile and is compatible with every nutrient and every cultivation system on the market.

      Yes, you need to use either MINERAL-CALMAG or MASSBOOST. BASE contains zero calcium and must be used in conjunction with MINERAL-CALMAG or MASSBOOST. 

      Yes, you can definitely use MINERAL-CALMAG as a calcium/magnesium booster in your living soil. While MINERAL-CALMAG is not organic, it is made from 100% natural minerals and is no different to the calcium and magnesium found in natural soil/earth.

      Feed Programs


      This program is the easiest, most concentrated, low cost program on the market. The pH stability is so reliable you can mix and set your reservoir on a given day and it will read exactly the same (+- 0.05) seven days later with no adjustment in between.


      This program is the absolute gold standard of quality, flavour, oil production and shelf life. This is the program for the grower looking to produce the absolute best flower they can or any extraction artist looking to increase the quality, colour and yield of their extracts.


      Access to the OG programs that include Soil PRO and Soil BASIC.

      All of these programs are available for download.

      Faster, Healthier
      Root Development

      Thicker, Stronger

      Higher Quality
      Fruits & Flowers


      Superior Flavour

      Increased Bag