Nutrient Liquid

Dual-Stage Base nutrient

APTUS BASE is a dual-stage base nutrient designed for high-demand cultivars in both veg and flower. This precise, clean and concentrated formula contains no ballast salts or chlorides allowing for a cleaner and more responsive base nutrient.

Note: The recommended EC of BASE is much lower than most npk formulas. Consult feeding programs. Base contains zero calcium and MUST be used with either Mineral-Calmag or Massboost. 

Application - Root drench

Feed Programs

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    Add BASE to your reservoir during both the vegetative and flowering periods of growth. Be mindful that BASE does not contain calcium and is essentially a Part-B NPK component and must be combined with either MASSBOOST or MINERAL-CALMAG for optimal results.

    Feeding Type
    Regular Feeding - 1-2 ml per 1L

    BASE is a 100% mineral-based fertiliser compatible with all growing mediums and hydroponic systems. BASE is the only NPK nutrient product you need to use from the beginning of vegetative growth until the end of the fruiting and flowering phase.

    BASE is easy to use throughout your plants’ growth cycle. Simply add at
    the rate of 1 – 2 ml per litre with the addition of either MASSBOOST or MINERAL-CALMAG.

    BASE provides the essential macro and micro elements needed for plant growth throughout the vegetative and flowering phases of growth.

    The ingredients selected for BASE were intentionally chosen to not include chlorides or ballast salts, which cause unnecessary contamination of the growing substrate. Without chlorides or ballast salts, BASE allows you to view the true nutrient density of your feed solution.

    BASE contains 0% calcium and must be used with either MASSBOOST (our organo-mineral calcium/magnesium supplement) or MINERAL-CALMAG (our mineral based ‘clean’ calcium/magnesium supplement).

    Easy to use – 1-part NPK fertiliser specifically designed for both grow and bloom.

    A recommended dilution rate of 1 – 2 ml per 1L throughout the plants’ entire growth cycle.

    Cost effective and stable.Applicable in all major growing mediums including: soil, coco, perlite, hydroton, peat moss and rockwool-based mediums.

    Contains no chlorides or ballast salts minimising the formation of junk salts in your planting medium.

    Nitrogen – Crucial element in chlorophyll, crucial component of plant amino acids

    Phosphorus – Improves formation of flowers, stimulator of root development

    Potassium – Core component of the unit of plant energy, ATP, controller of plant respiration

    Magnesium – Central core of the chlorophyll molecule essential for photosynthesis

    Boron – Crucial to healthy cell wall formation

    Molybdenum – Converter of inorganic phosphorus into organic forms within the plant

    Iron – Essential component to chlorophyll formation, crucial to critical enzyme formation

    Manganese – Crucial agent for root growth, resistor of root zone originating pathogens

    Zinc – Essential component in the formation of auxins regulating plant growth 

    Copper – Activator of enzymatic reactions

    If starting new from seed, dilute BASE at 1 ml per litre along with either MASSBOOST or MINERAL-CALMAG from first signs of leaves. FASiLITOR and STARTBOOST are also recommended if applicable with your SOP’s. Increase dose to 1.5 ml per litre as plants begin to establish.

    When growing under high intensity HID or LED lights, it’s safe to increase BASE by 10 – 30% above the recommended dose to correct NPK deficiencies. While our recommended dosages are calculated from real world experience growing high-performance cultivars under high intensity HID and LED lights with the enrichment of additional Co2, there is always the possibility of deficiency with certain cultivars.


    Yes, so long as it’s used in conjunction with MINERAL-CALMAG or MASSBOOST. BASE contains every macro and micronutrient needed to support fast-growing cultivars except Calcium (Ca). For this reason you must use Base with either MINERAL-CALMAG or MASSBOOST.

    Think of Base as a Part-B and MINERAL-CALMAG and MASSBOOST as the Part-A. You can choose either the mineral Part-A (MINERAL-CALMAG) or the organo-mineral Part-A (MASSBOOST.

    Our original BASE formula would appear either blue or green depending on light, temperature, age etc. Nothing about the characteristics or performance would change respective to color, but due to the chemical make-up it could appear either blue or green-ish blue.

    After two years of research, development and refinement, we have recently updated the formula of BASE. The new and improved formula helps to balance the effect of cation exchange seen during weeks 3-5 of flower. For more information about our research into cation exchange and how ion exchange affects pH in the root zone, click on the link below or go to the education section.

    If you’re not following one of our feed programs and just want a standard dilution measurement, follow the below.


    0.33 ml per litre
    1.5 ml per litre

    0.33 ml per litre 
    2ml per litre  

    0.8 ml per litre 
    1.5 ml per litre
    0.8ml per litre
    2 ml per litre

    Yes, the combination of BASE and MINERAL-CALMAG is extremely clean and stable and will last a minimum of 14 days in a reservoir or nutrient tank.

    Note: Recirculating Hydroponic Systems need to be topped-up daily/bi-daily with additional  MINERAL-CALMAG and BASE to replace the minerals consumed by the plants.

    Yes, the combination of BASE and MINERAL-CALMAG is extremely clean and stable and will not cause any line blockages or salt residue to build-up.

    Feed Programs


    This program is the easiest, most concentrated, low cost program on the market. The pH stability is so reliable you can mix and set your reservoir on a given day and it will read exactly the same (+- 0.05) seven days later with no adjustment in between.


    This program is the absolute gold standard of quality, flavour, oil production and shelf life. This is the program for the grower looking to produce the absolute best flower they can or any extraction artists looking to increase the quality, colour and yield.


    Access to the OG programs that include Soil PRO and Soil BASIC.

    All of these programs are available for download.

    Faster, Healthier
    Root Development

    Thicker, Stronger

    Higher Quality
    Fruits & Flowers


    Superior Flavour

    Increased Bag