Plant Safe Irrigation Line Cleaner

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Plant safe oxidizer and irrigation system cleaner

System-Clean is a stabilised oxidate that increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the feed water, which increases growth and substrate health while cleaning irrigation lines, drippers, sprayers and feed rings (when used at the recommended dose of 1ml per gallon / 0.25ml per 1 litre).

 Application - Root drench

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    Feed Programs

      Feeding Type and Amount

      With every tank / reservoir
      0.25 ml per 1L

      System flush / clean between cycles
      0.5 ml per 1L

      Add SYSTEM-CLEAN to the nutrient tank at 0.25 ml per 1L of water. SYSTEM-CLEAN will last for maximum 3 days in the nutrient solution.

      If your nutrient mix stands for more than 3 days, mix SYSTEM-CLEAN to the entire amount of water in the nutrient tank to help minimise biofilm/salt and residue build-up.

      SYSTEM-CLEAN is a powerful oxidiser that prevents microbial attacks, line blockages and nutrient build-up in irrigation systems. A clean irrigation system improves growth and development of plants (especially in the root system) by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the plant without affecting the pH.

      Unabsorbed nutrients (organic leading to biofilm and mineral leading to salt) can build up in the cultivation system. These remaining nutrients acidify (lower pH) the growing medium, increasing the chance of microbial attack by providing nutrition for pathogens.

      SYSTEM-CLEAN helps maintain a healthy irrigation system by removing built-up biofilm/salt and keeping high levels of oxygen in the nutrient solution.

      NOTE: The SYSTEM-CLEAN formula sold in Australia, New Zealand and Japan differs from the formula sold in North America. Both formulas are oxidisers and perform in the same way, they just vary in concentration and have differing dilution instructions.

      Prevents loss of nutrients and oxygen in irrigation systems (improves efficiency of irrigation system and plant absorption).

      Removes build-up of biofilm/salt in irrigation systems (prevents nutrient build-up).

      Adds extra oxygen to the root zone (increases dissolved oxygen levels).

      Removes source of pathogens.

      7.9% food grade stabilised H202.

      SYSTEM-CLEAN may be used alone in water for a system flush between cycles. 

      SYSTEM-CLEAN will not kill micro-life when diluted at 0.25 ml per 1L.


      No, SYSTEM-CLEAN will not kill the micro-life in your substrate. SYSTEM-CLEAN can be added directly to your nutrient mix with no negative effect on microbial life.

      SYSTEM-CLEAN is a stabilised oxidiser that keeps your irrigation lines, sprayers, drippers and feed rings clean while helping to maintain substrate health and providing beneficial levels of dissolved oxygen.

      When first mixed (at 0.25 ml per 1 litre / 1:4000) SYSTEM-CLEAN adds an additional 9ppm of dissolved oxygen to the feed water. Municipal water typically contains 6-8ppm of dissolved oxygen bringing your total to 15-17ppm. This level of dissolved oxygen is beneficial for irrigation lines, fertigation systems, substrate health and plant health. The increase in dissolved oxygen also increases the plants’ metabolism.

      Organic material and biofilm consume oxygen, reducing the dissolved oxygen available at the roots. Using SYSTEM-CLEAN regularly or with every feeding helps to maintain and clean fertigation systems, reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed along the way, delivering a higher level of oxygen to the root zone.

      In general, dissolved oxygen levels of 4ppm or less are detrimental and potentially fatal for plants. 5ppm or higher is considered acceptable, 8ppm is considered good and 9-30ppm is beneficial. It’s only at levels above 30ppm that dissolved oxygen becomes dangerous to microbial life.

      It’s best to add SYSTEM-CLEAN to your tank water first, before any other products, or last before you adjust your pH.

      Feed Programs


      This program is the easiest, most concentrated, low cost program on the market. The pH stability is so reliable you can mix and set your reservoir on a given day and it will read exactly the same (+- 0.05) seven days later with no adjustment in between.


      This program is the absolute gold standard of quality, flavour, oil production and shelf life. This is the program for the grower looking to produce the absolute best flower they can or any extraction artist looking to increase the quality, colour and yield of their extracts.


      Access to the OG programs that include Soil PRO and Soil BASIC.

      All of these programs are available for download.

      Faster, Healthier
      Root Development

      Thicker, Stronger

      Higher Quality
      Fruits & Flowers


      Superior Flavour

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